Acoustics >
Laboratory for technical / audiological acoustics and noise protection. An echo-poor sound measuring room is available.

Room: D6, D5a Phone: -3641

Analog Electronics >
Laboratory for analog signal processing and data acquisition.

Room: D211 Phone: -3626

Atomic Physics >
Lab Class for atomic physics.

Room: G152, G153 Phone: -3652

Automation technology and Robotics >
In our laboratory, we offer lectures, seminars and lab classes in automation technology for various study programs, in particular for the program Production and Automation and for the program Mechatronics / Precision Engineering.

Room: A15 Phone: -3611, -3612, -3613

Railway Research >
Railway Research, Innovation center for railway technology and mobility.

Room: A3.11, R1.061, R1.062 Phone: -1665, -3106, -3197

Inorganic and Organic Chemistry >
Basic chemistry course in inorganic and organic chemistry.

Room: E402, E403, E404 (Dachauer Str. 98b) Phone:-4514, -4515, -4516

Physical chemistry >
In the laboratory, students acquire specific knowledge about the properties and behavior of chemical substances and about the extraction of material data on the basis of independently conducted experiments.

Room: E508a, E508b (Dachauer Str. 98b) Phone: -4524, -4509

Technical Chemistry / Process Engineering >
Test rigs: stirred tank (discount./account.), Stirred tank cascade, fluidized-bed granulator, reverse osmosis, rectification column, extraction column, absorption plant.

Room: E501b (Dachauer Str. 98b) Phone: -4519

Environmental Chemistry Laboratory >
The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory carries out environmental analysis tests, such as the determination of inorganic carbon, BOD, COD, wastewater and soil.

Room: E502 (Dachauer Str. 98b) Phone: -4504

Biochemistry Laboratory >
The biochemistry laboratory is a biotechnology laboratory of safety level 1 (according to GenTV). Internships for biochemistry, protein chemistry and bioprocess engineering take place here.

Room: E504a (Dachauer Str. 98b) Phone: -4523

CAD - Virtual product development >
The lab for CAD and Virtual Product Development teaches key competences about the computer aided development of technical products.

Room: A202a, A202b Phone: -3617

CAE / 3D Printing / Mobile Robotics >
Product Development - Computer Aided Engineering - CAD Design - 3D Printing, Carbon Material - Embedded Systems - MATLAB - Research Projects - Internship - Bachelor and Master Theses.

Room: W017 (Lothstr. 21) Phone: -1134

Center for Applied Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine – CANTER.

Room: C200, D104 – D106b Phone: -3671

Data technology and digital electronics >
lab class microcontrollers, lab class embedded systems, elective courses Networks.

Room: D204, D205 Phone: -3629

Digital Factory and Ergonomics >
In the Digital Factory and Ergonomics Laboratory, students acquire knowledge in tools and methods of the Digital Factory as well as in topics of Safety and Ergonomics as well as applied research.

Room: C15 Phone: -3653

Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics >
Basics Experiments in electrical engineering and applied electronics.

Room: D203 Phone: -1623, -3632

Energy and Environmental Technology >
Lab Classes of various courses in the Bachelor's degree programs in Physical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and the Master of Micro- and Nanotechnology on Energy and Environmental Technology, Environmental Physics

Room: D103a Phone: -1675

Production technology, Manufacturing techniques >
Production technology, Manufacturing techniques.

Room: D014, D03, D04 Phone: -3639

Solid State Physics >
Investigation of the Structural, Optical and Magnetic / Electrical Properties of Solid Matter. Focus: Material Science Analysis and Characterization of Semiconductor Crystals and Nanostructures. Low temperatures.

Room: D208, D209 Phone: -3633, -3664

Industrial computer science >
Laboratory for computer science education with text-oriented (C, C # and C ++) as well as graphical programming languages (LabView).

Room: C303 Phone: -3615

Instrumental analytics and environmental analysis >
Instrumental procedures for the qualitative and quantitative substance identification down to the trace range.

Room: C16, C17 Phone: -3659, -3660

Design Engineering >
Methods for the development and construction of products. Focus: Cost-effective design.

Room: A405 Phone: -3650

Laser Center >
Basic, applied, and industrial research in photonics and laser technology.

Room: C01, C02, C03, C04 Phone: -3661, -3663, -3665, -3676, -3677

Light and health >
Psychophysiological measuring laboratory for the investigation of non-visual effects of light.

Room: D1.13, D3.04a Phone: -1638, -1660

Lighting and Optical Technology >
In the laboratory, the physical properties of radiation sources u. receivers examined. Students are familiarized with various methods of light measurement.

Room: A005 Phone: -1625, -3619

Physical Metrology >
Laboratory focused on the fundamentals of physical metrology.

Room: D05 Phone: -3642

Microsystems Technology >
Typical semiconductor processes, such as thin film production, optical lithography or etching technology are possible. In addition, work is taking place in the field of printed electronics.

Room: D206, D207 Phone: -3630, -3631

Modeling and simulation >
The Laboratory Modeling and Simulation (MoSiLab) is a research laboratory. Expertise consists in particular in material predictions with simulation, CFD simulations of reactive and multiphase flows, finite elements with material models.

Room: D304 Phone: -1662

Nanoanalytics and Biophysics >
Atomic Force Microscopy, Single Molecule Biophysics, Nanomechanics.

Room: C 201, C 202, D 401 Phone: -3671, -3673

Photonics >
The Photonics Laboratory develops and evaluates high precision optical fiber sensors that are especially adapted to the demands in medicine, industry and research.

Room: C01, C02, C100, C100a, C103, C104 Phone: -3656, -1655, -3654, -3655, -3662, -3667

Physics I and Didactics (Basics) >
Physics Laboratory

Room: G0.40, G1.50, G1.51 Phone: -3670

Physics Laboratory and Research Lab Multiphoton Imaging >
Deepening of the material of the lecture Physics and Technical Optics. The research is based in biophotonics and is based on femtosecond lasers.

Room: D110, D114 Phone: -3634, -3637

Protein Biochemistry / Cellular Microbiology >
Microbial pathogenesis (Streptococcus pneumoniae) - Antigen identification and design (vaccination strategies) - Protein production and purification for Biotechnology / Pharma.

Room: C101, C102 Phone: -3657, -3658

Vision Lab >
Ophthalmic Optics and Optometry Research and Care Center in collaboration with the Optometry (B.Sc.) degree program.

Room: A301 Phone: -3616, - 1637

Sensor / Signal processing / Measurement technology >
Lab classes for sensors and measuring technology. In addition, bachelor's theses on medical measurement technology and training for external cooperation partners will be carried out.

Room: D2, D3 Phone: -3643

Control Engineering >
The targeted influencing of technical processes can be examined, designed and put into operation by way of example.

Room: D6, D7 Phone: -1679

Technical optics and coherent optics >
Basics of optics, optical devices, generation and application of laser radiation.

Room: C03, C04, D316, D317 Phone: -3621, -3622, -3623

Workshop of the department >
Manufacture of components, fixtures and construction of test stands.

Room: D103 Phone: -3638

Materials Technology >
The laboratory is equipped with modern examination methods and testing machines. Technology transfer is possible with the existing expertise and equipment as well as the processing of research projects.

Room: D08, D09, D010 Phone: -3646, -3647, -3648, -3649

Center 4.0 and IOT Digital Engineering >
Digital product development of mechatronic systems with regard to integration of all necessary information for the three different disciplines: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology.

Room: D4 Phone: -1638, -3625, -3678