Final Thesis

Five steps to register and submit a thesis:

  • Open the online registration via the menu Registration form and select the course of study that is valid for you.

    For BBM: Please note the BBM-specific regulations (Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences).

  • Fill in the Registration form completely, send the data and print out the page.

    Read the specified deadlines carefully, work carefully - typing errors are at your expense and will appear on your certificate later.

    Additionally: check the admission requirements within 14 days (!) at the examination office and have them signed in the appropriate field.

  • With the printout, go to the first supervisor at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the external supervisor and have it signed.

  • Then hand in the printout with all the necessary signatures to the secretary's office of the department (room A 208) in a timely manner.

  • Then create the thesis and finally hand in two copies together with the submission form to be printed out (registration form) to the first supervisor - possibly via the secretary's office of the department.

Inclusion of the thesis in the library

abschlussarbeiten If it is intended to include a copy of the thesis in the library of the university, a third copy or the full text in digital form must be submitted to the library together with a declaration of consent (form in the download area) and all necessary signatures (consent of the first corrector and the supervisor in the company).

The library of the Munich University of Applied Sciences strives to increase the proportion of thesis also in the course of the HM Digital project, as the demand from students is continuously high.
The scientific papers published via the publication server HM Digital receive a "URN" and are thus permanently available from a storage space. This means that this work can be citable. Proof of publication is provided in OPAC, but also worldwide in the WorldCat library catalogue. Publication on HM Digital is free of charge.

The following conditions must be taken into account for the commencement of the thesis:

  • copyright is exclusive to the student,
  • there is no blocking notice of work.

More information can also be found onHM Digital.

Scientific work and research

Nachschlagen We also recommend the library's information on scientific work and research.

More information about these events and short seminars of the library can be found on the pages of the Central Library.